Terms and Conditions of Sale

We/I, [name of client] (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

A.    Order Completion and Cancellation

  1. All orders shall be placed through Team Office, LLC to the required Manufacturers and sub-contractors.
  2. A formal Proposal will be provided to the Client in writing.  The Proposal shall indicate and specify the quantity, color, size, and finish of all items to be ordered.  If the Client has no questions, the Proposal is presumed to be accurate and correct.  Client shall sign and return the Proposal to Team Office, LLC indicating the Client’s acceptance.  Client shall provide a 50% deposit in addition to the signed Proposal before the Order can be placed.
  3. Changes by the Client to the signed Proposal may result in extended availability and additional expenses to the Client.
  4. Client agrees to reimburse Team Office, LLC for all expenses and restocking charges incurred by Team Office, LLC, due to Order cancellation.
  5. Client acknowledges that Manufacturers may revise pricing and discontinue items without advanced notice.  Team Office, LLC is not liable for variations in pricing and availability of items from one Proposal to the next.
  6. Client agrees to make all requests for changes to signed Proposals in writing.  Team Office, LLC and Manufacturer must approve changes.  All resulting charges by Manufacturer shall be the responsibility of the Client.
  7. Merchandise ordered for specific applications, upholstered merchandise or in any other way custom merchandise, is non-returnable.  Stock merchandise returned to Team Office, LLC will be subject to restocking fees of up to 50% and may be returned only if approved in writing by Team Office, LLC.

B.    Delivery and Installation

  1. Delivery and Installation will be made during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday), unless otherwise specified on the proposal. Client shall be responsible for any additional charges for after-hours or weekend deliveries.
  2. Any delays in delivery and installation caused by governmental actions, labor disputes or any other jobsite conditions are excused by the Client.  Team Office, LLC may postpone delivery until Team Office, LLC is reasonably able to make delivery.  All additional charges incurred by Team office, LLC due to delays are the sole responsibility of the Client.
  3. Merchandise will be delivered within 14 days of receipt at the Team Office, LLC warehouse.  If Client is unable to take delivery with 14 days, additional storage fees will be the responsibility of the Client.
  4. Client is responsible to provide a clear jobsite, free of obstructions throughout the delivery and installation process.  Additional costs due to obstructions will be the responsibility of the Client.
  5. Freight damaged merchandise will be repaired by Team office, LLC.  Client is responsible for payment in full, less ten percent, for merchandise that is in use, pending repair and/or replacement.  Client is not responsible for payment of damaged merchandise that cannot be delivered and installed.
  6. Once Merchandise is delivered to the Client jobsite, Client is responsible for any loss or damage.

C.    Warranties and Limitation of Liability

  1. Team Office, LLC warrants all merchandise to be free from defects based on the manufacturer’s warranty.

D.    Payment Terms

  1. Client agrees to a deposit of 50% of the total Proposal at the time of merchandise order.
  2. Client agrees to pay the balance due upon completion within 10 days of invoice date.
  3. Client may not withhold payment on any invoice, for any reason if Team Office, LLC has substantially performed it’s obligation as specified in the Proposal.
  4. Unless and until all terms of the purchase have been met, the property remains the sole and exclusive personal property of Team Office, LLC, Client agrees that the property is a secured asset of Team Office, LLC and considers Team Office, LLC to be a secured creditor of Client until all terms of the purchase have been met.  Furthermore, Client agrees not to sell, transfer, or dispose of the property, or in any way subject the property to any interest of a third party, until all the terms of the purchase are met.
  5. Client agrees to pay a $30 fee for each returned check.
  6. Client agrees to pay late fees for all past due invoices at a rate of 1.5% per month (Annual percentage rate of 18%).
  7. If Client withholds any payment on any invoice in violation of this Agreement, Client agrees to reimburse Team Office, LLC for any and all legal costs and attorney’s fees arising from and related to the collection of any such amount.
  8. If Client is unable to receive delivery of merchandise within 30 days of Team Office, LLC receipt, Client agrees to pay 40% of balance at the time of receipt in the Team Office, LLC warehouse.  The remaining 10% is due upon completion of the delayed delivery.
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