Office Furniture Planning

“Begin with the end in mind.”

- Stephen Covey

Whether you’re planning a new home office or a faciltity for hundreds of people, how you plan your space is just as important as the furniture and equipment that goes in it. Offering you planning, design and project managment services is nothing new. Most full service furniture dealerships across the country do that. What is unique is the way we provide them.

You see, at Team Office, space planning, design and project management are all value added services. We won’t nickel and dime you for the services we know you’ll need.  We believe every client, no matter the size of their project needs and deserves to receive these services. It not only makes their job easier, but it makes things easier for all your other contractors and service providers as well. By providing those services as an added value, we believe we’re making a long term investment in our relationship with you and your Team.

- Space Planning and Design - Our design team will meet with you and your team and listen to your project goals and requirements. You will receive an Auto-CAD plan of your space as well as computer generated images of your typical stations, offices and other areas. You’ll “see” exactly how your furniture will look in your space. We’ll also help you through the selection finishes and coordinate them with the finishes in your building. It will look like you spent a lot of money on design, but your secret will be safe with us!

- Project Management - Our project managers will engage with your team early and bring common sense logistics to the table. Your delivery will be pre-scheduled prior to the time you place your order. This guarantees your delivery date and time. He’ll also drive to your space and field measure all the critical dimensions. This will eliminate any “surprises” from occuring during the installation. He’ll also meet with your IT team, electrician and other contractors and make sure everyone is on the same page. Any issues will be immediatley brought to your attention - before you have a problem.

- Move Management - When you choose Team Office to provide you with moving services, we’re not just going to move your stuff. We’ll use our pre-move and post-move checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked during the move process. You’ll not only save money on your move, you’ll also get expert move management services as well.

- Workplace Analysis - Our designers also have the ability and tools to take a look at your current space, ask the right questions, measure your current filing needs, workspace needs, lighting and accoustical requirements and provide that information in an easy to understand format that will enable you to make informed decisions. The result will be the workplace you need and not overkill.

If your current furniture provider isn’t giving you this kind of value, we need to talk. Call or email Team Office today.

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