Office Furniture Management

“Never Cut What You Can Untie.”

- Joseph Joubert

If you’re more concerened with the furniture and office equipment you already own than you are with investing in more, the last thing you need to do is talk to a salesperson who’s only goal is to sell you something. We work with dozens of clients who bought their furniture from a dealer, but now look to Team Office to help them manage it in a way that will maximize it’s value. The first step in our service process is to sit down with you and listen. This allows us to focus on you and your buisness issues and then customize a service program that will solve your issues.

Simply put, take a look at Team Office to help you manage your furniture, even and especially if you bought it somewhere else. . But, don’t take our word for it. Take the Team Office challenge and call your current furniture supplier and ask them to help you get rid of some of your excess furniture. If the answer you hear is anything less than, “sure, no problem”, you really need to talk to us.

Furniture Evaluation Services

- Inventory and documentation services
- Furniture and equipment appraisals
- Strategic planning and recommendations
- Site closings and building decommissions

Furniture Manipulation Services

- Nationwide furniture installation
- Nationwide furniture moving
- Climate-controlled storage
- Daily inventory tracking
- Furniture repair and refurbishing (all brands)

Furniture and equipment Liquidation Services

- Furniture purchasing
- Furniture consignment
- Furniture sales and brokering
- Furniture trade-ins
- Furniture donation services
- Furniture recycling services

If you already have plenty of furniture and just need to talk to an expert and learn more about ALL your options, call or email Team Office today!

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