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Since 1999, we’ve focused on two things. The first was to find interior professionals who truly care about other people and are willing to go out of their way, or do just about anything to make their clients happy. The second thing is to make sure everyone on this Team has all the tools, resources and the opportunity to do whatever it takes to make the client happy. Let’s face it. There’s a lot of well qualified people who can design your office space and sell you some furniture, but how many of them really care about you as a person and how you feel about your work space?

In our experience, it’s pretty difficult to teach someone to care about others. They either do or they don’t. At Team Office, we do care.

When you choose Team Office, we promise you’ll never wonder if we care about you and how you feel about your experience with us. You’ll see a certain twinkle in our eyes the first time we meet. You’ll hear it in our voice as we eagerly ask you questions about your plans and you’ll know you made the right choice when we call you just to see how you’re doing long after your project is finished.

If you like the sound of working with people who really do care, call one of us today.

Ron Crabtree
(816) 777-1470

Brad Justice
(816) 777-1460

Jerry Sullivan
Director of Services
(816) 777-1454

Beth Romero
Office Manager
(816) 777-1455

Kenda Martinez
Sr. Workplace Consultant
(816) 777-1465

Melanie Gross
Director of Design
(816) 777-1453

Austin Murphy
Account Manager
(816) 777-1456

Jessica Foster
Account Manager
(816) 777-1464

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